The sea is a state that traps, that makes you fall in love, that makes you connect with thousands of things that are impossible to connect with in other places. The sea is wild, it is beautiful, it is blue, it is infinite sunsets and magical sunrises.

We had the opportunity to live very close and feel it for many years. Now we want to express all these magical experiences through a product that we are also passionate about.

We started designing two models, Savina and Saona, focusing all our attention on making a fresh, elegant, rebellious, comfortable product that would make you feel good.

It was clear to us that it had to be made in Europe, so we decided to use only raw materials from Italy and to carry out the entire transformation in Spain.


Each model has a story and a why. We look for inspiration in the nature of the island, in its history and tradition and in all the cultural mix that we find today on the island, a mix that has conquered us for its positive energy and the free spirit that characterizes the island.

We are committed to our own design, timeless, elegant, with character and that represents our experiences in Formentera and Ibiza.

We are proud to say that our sunglasses represent a different and unique lifestyle.


We produce in Spain and this allows us to have control of our product, to give it the necessary attention at every stage of development. We control from the reception of Mazzucchelli's Italian acetate sheets to the final assembly and polishing of our sunglasses. This is how we ensure that our sunglasses are of the highest quality.


We design our glasses with 2D drawing software, then generate the 3D files so that we can analyze in a 3D printed prototype all the details before generating all the cutting information for our 5 axis numerical control machines.

These machines receive coordinates and all the information about which tool to use, at what speed to cut, at what depth... The freedom of movement of this type of machine is what allows us to work on all the details of our glasses.

In addition to the numerical control machines, we also use hinge pinning, bending and polishing machines... up to a total of 11 machines are necessary to manufacture our acetate glasses.

Apart from the machines, during the process the hand of the craftsmen is essential. Acetate glasses need to be polished by hand, one by one, in order to achieve the shine that characterizes them. This is possibly the most important process during production, the one that makes the difference.


We use 100% Italian material. Italy is a country with a long tradition in the manufacture of eyewear and it is in Italy where we find the best raw materials in the sector.

Mazzucchelli's acetate is considered the best in the world and they have been making acetate since 1849. Cellulose acetate is of vegetable origin and is obtained from cotton and wood pulp.

Visottica hinges have been manufactured since 1947. It is a benchmark company in the sector that makes high quality components for the optical sector.

The lenses are high quality polarized lenses and apart from enhancing color contrast, they help eliminate glare, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities much more.

Mazzucchelli's acetate
Visottica hinges
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